The imaginations come from every slight surprising in life.

WHYIXD is a cross-field art installation design team from Taiwan. We have members come from art / architecture / design / engineering / mechanical fields. We collaborate with dance / architecture / pop music / modern art partners.

WHYIXD focus on different kinds of surprise and explore more imagination in daily life. We break the barrier of 2 dimensions world with new media, presenting more body experience to audience. We build immersive illusions, make it snow in tropical area, sprinkle a handful of petal into silent space. Displace the time and space, copy the natural scenery, capture the moments of mind, create unseen experience, build “digital landscape”.


WHYIXDは、台湾の学際的なアート集団です。 チームは、新しいメディアを通じて、目に人生のさまざまな驚きを。彼らは2次元の視覚的境界を突破し、时空错乱の電子風景で実在の幻想を引き出します。