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WHYIXD is a cross-field art installation design team from Taiwan.

The imaginations come from every slight surprising in life.

We have members who come from the art, architecture, design, engineering, and mechanical fields. We collaborate with dance, architecture, pop music, and modern art partners.WHYIXD focuses on different kinds of surprises and explores more imagination in daily life. We break the barrier of the 2 dimensions world with new media, presenting more body experiences to the audience. We build immersive illusions, make it snow in a tropical area, and sprinkle a handful of the petal into silent space.
Displace the time and space, copy the natural scenery, capture the moments of mind, create an unseen experience, and build a 'digital landscape'.
Installed Heaven Bloom on exhibition



Assembling #define Moon_


WHYIXD Group Pics
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