Mixed Media


5(m) x 5(m) x 7(m)


Life Hub @ Shanghai


Benn Chen (four seasons) ,

Liv Wang (new year)

Film production

Chih-hua Chiu


“Blown by wind, the catkin-like golden light is raising and softly twinkling. The light will dance with music in the place, then transform into the wonderful gathering moment.”
Taiwan-based new media art company WHYIXD recently presents their latest kinetic lighting installation ‘Dandelion’ in Shanghai. Intend to stir spectators’ memories about light, the installation sketches momentary but fantastic scenes by applies the phenomenon of Persistence of vision. “The race between light and time transforms into scenes in our memories so we try to illustrate these fleeting memories.” explained by WHYIXD.
With the high-speed spin of the mechanism, the external form of the installation fades away and gives place to the dazzling rings of light. ‘Dandelion’ draws light trails to construct the volume of light, creating continuously dazzling light which separates and gathers by turns, like dandelion flowers, to make spectator recall memories about encounter. The lighting will vary with time and music in both passion and romantic vibe, celebrating the fantastic moment.
“‘Dandelion’ is now permanently exhibited for the public in Golden Bridge International Business Plaza, Shanghai. Situated in the entrance of the plaza, it is the new landmark providing regular lighting programs varying according to seasons to attracted crowds. Consisting of 41 spinning lamps, this dandelion-shaped kinetic lighting installation is 7 meters tall with spiral arrangement for the lamps, and it is crafted from mirror-finished stainless steel and LED strings.