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Future Lab

Future Lab, section III


ITRI, Pier 2, Kaohsiung , Taiwan




Mixed Media


discovering technology treasures

Design team

Tech art group, 23Design, WHYIXD, ultracombo, iF+,Axis3d, innoCirque, AROBOTO, Aluang Wang, CHUANG Chih-Wei 

Film production

Rex Takeshi Chen


The 2016 Energy Lab, part of the "Decrypting Technology Treasures" campaign, will allow audiences to explore the new face of technology applications through intuitive engagement and perception by introducing the cutting-edge technology developed by the Institute of Industrial Technology of the Ministry of Economic Affairs through interactive design showcases. At the same time, it provides new opportunities to see cross-industry cooperation.

"Energy Lab - Energy Experiment" studies the required energy sources for biological survival, including the production of energy within cells, how cells maintain a high energy state, and the transformation of energy.
Future Lab
WHYIXD has transformed the research outcomes into a creative energy transformation laboratory, which attempts to create a mysterious and immersive energy experience space. Large installations composed of LED lines intertwined in the space present a powerful force, and the light travels slowly along the threads, allowing visitors to feel the virtual energy when entering the space, and to drive the large line installation through their energy, feeling the flow of energy in the space.
「解密科技寶藏」之 2016 明日實驗室,將經濟部工業技術研究院研發的尖端科技,透過互動設計的展演方式與觀眾接觸,讓觀眾透過直覺的反應與認知感受,探測科技應用的新面向,同時看見各產業間跨界合作的新機會。

「ENERGY LAB 能源實驗室」研究生物生存所需能源,包含細胞內能量的生產製造、細胞本身如何維持在高動能狀態、能量之間的轉換等原理。
Future Lab
Future Lab
Future Lab


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