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GOGORO Xmas Tree

GOGORO Xmas Tree


ATT 4 FUN @ Taipei , Taiwan




Mixed Media


2.3(m) x 5(m) x 6(m)


Liv W. (Song: Believe )


Kyle Jhuang

Font Design

ONE.IO Society, Hi-interactive Design


Liu Che Chun

Film production

Liu Che Chun




“Riding is not just about commuting. It is about the power to change and to connect people.”

With its world-leading 'Battery Swapping Platform' and 'Smart Mobility' services, Gogoro has become a driving force for the world's goal of carbon reduction and sustainability.

In addition, Gogoro has been dedicated to optimizing 'User Experience' for years, building a strong brand cohesion and unique riding culture: with the Gogoro Owners Club's act, riding is expanded from individuals to collective participation and further respond to environmental and social welfare issues.


GOGORO Xmas Tree
GOGORO Xmas Tree
At the end of 2021, Gogoro teamed up with WHYIXD, building the 'Gogoro Christmas Energy Tree.' With its powerful brand appeal, Gogoro had invited 440,000 PBGN (Powered by Gogoro Network) owners to join the event 'Swapping with Riding Spirit, Lighting up the World.'

Achieving the goal of '2.22 million swapped batteries' through three major series of tasks, Gogoro turned this appeal into the unifying power for public welfare.
During the event, owners could experience their own interactive light show by swapping batteries at the “Gogoro Christmas Energy Tree.” The Christmas Tree would display owners' riding information, leading them to look back on their wonderful riding memories. There were also dazzling light shows on the digital Christmas Tree every hour, which had accompanied owners to celebrate the holiday season.
GOGORO Xmas Tree
GOGORO Xmas Tree
「騎心交換 點亮世界」最終達成「222 萬顆電池交換」的暖心目標,讓 222萬次「交換能源」的瞬間,透過四萬雙「舊鞋救命」轉化成幫助地球彼岸孩童的公益資源,讓每次的騎乘旅程,交換能源的行為,產生改變、連結群眾的力量。
Gogoro以領先全球的「電池交換平台」和「智慧移動」服務解決方案,成為世界邁向減碳永續的推手。此外,Gogoro長年致力於優化其「用戶體驗」,建構起強韌的品牌凝聚力與獨有的騎乘文化:藉由 Gogoro Owners Club 車主們的自發性串連,個人化的騎乘行為被擴展為集體的參與經驗,進而響應環保、社會公益等議題。
2021年末,Gogoro 與何理互動一同打造「Gogoro聖誕能量樹」,Gogoro以其強大的品牌號召力,邀請全台 44 萬名 PBGN (Powered by Gogoro Network) 車主參與「騎心交換 點亮世界」活動,透過三大系列任務達成「 222 萬顆電池交換」的行動目標,要將這股品牌號召力轉化為暖心公益的聚眾力。
GOGORO Xmas Tree
GOGORO Xmas Tree
'Swapping with Riding Spirit, Lighting up the World' eventually attained its goal of '2.22 million swapped batteries,'  namely 2.22 million times of  'energy exchange.' Also, it helped the children on the other side of the earth with 40,000 pairs of 'life-saving used shoes.' Gogoro can let every ride and every swap create the power to change and to connect people.
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