Dimensions Variable




Metal, LED, Motor


Liu,Sen Yung 

Film production

Liu Che Chun


# RTS: ReTranSens ─ 14th Digital Art Festival Taipei 2019 


ECHOES OF LIGHT @ Hsinchu City 2019


Writing of Light ─ Taiwan 2020


International Light Festival @ Taichung City 2020


Art Central 2020 X Artsy 2020


Treasure Hill Light Festival 2020


In modern society, technology has assumed media that carries information, and constituted an intricate network. With this network, human is able to get rid of the physical restriction and reach remote places or change the space-time by simply clicking mouses or changing over the screens.

This experience is very similar to when people have dreams. In dreams, human brain keeps its consciousness awake and continuously create scenes and pictures even though its body rests. In the dimension of consciousness, there are no physical boundaries.

Channels is consisted of several large, constantly changing frames that switching between numerous forms. The dynamic transform of the art work intend to make viewers confused with the time and space they stay in, further, to explore the boundary between real and virtual, technology experience and dreaming.