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Compound Clouds Island


Public art


New Taipei City, Taiwan




Mixed Media


17.5(m) x 3.5(m)

Structural Consultant

Kuan-Fan Chen& A.S studio

Structural Engineering

Xiang Yu Co. Ltd.

Film production

Liu Che Chun



Life in the modern world is centered on technology, with an invisible hand of "data" behind the scenes. Individuals can produce, process, exchange, and disseminate all forms of information through "digital mediums" that transcend the physical limits of time and space.

Uploading, downloading, streaming, synchronizing... have all become daily commands. In a split microsecond, the traces of years of civilizations are encoded into the colossal data and characters.

We are all living in this symbiosis between digital cloud and information, with no time differences.
"Compound Clouds Island," taking "data transmission" as its inspiration, presents the mysterious cloud "information computing" process as a physical installation.

The art's shape is in the form of the fundamentals of modern mobile communication: the Cellular Network and its signal overlay. Several hexagonal geometric monoliths assemble into a giant cloud installation.

Each node between the hexagons symbolizes the way of communication on the internet. With no constraints in time and space, each dialogue aggregates into a vast and compact cloud system.

The penetrating beams of light also embody the large amount of data in cloud databases, reflecting the close relationship between people and technology.
In addition, "Compound Cloud Island" not only epitomizes "information computing" but also utilizes "data visualization" to detect real-time regional weather conditions and reflect the information in lighting dynamics.

Meanwhile, the installation will also adjust its lighting color temperature according to the time of the day to create a variety of spatial ambiances.

The audience can also control the work's light display through the instruction sign, and actively participate in the cycle and changes of the clouds, thus establishing an interaction between the work and its venue.

《複雲島》以「數據傳輸」作為創作靈感,將存儲於網路世界、彷彿被層層雲端掩蓋的「資訊運算」過程,以「實體裝置」展現。裝置造型取自行動通訊的基礎:蜂巢式網路(Cellular Network) 訊號覆蓋的形式發展,由數個六邊形幾何單體集合為巨大的雲朵造型。


此外,《複雲島》除了詮釋「資訊運算」的形象外,更透過「資料視覺化 (Data visualization)」 的方式:即時偵測當日區域內的天氣狀態,再轉化為不同的燈光動態。同時,搭配每個時段專屬的不同色溫,營造出多樣的空間氛圍。



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