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Cyclonic Bloom


Private space


 Taipei , Taiwan




Metal, Motor, LED, PVC


5 (m) x 5 (m) x 7 (m)

Live music

Liv W.

Film production

Liu Che Chun






Red dot winner 2023



"An encounter and an aggregation by chance, like the gathering of the wind, can evoke resonance and create connections and changes. "


'Cyclonic Bloom' is a kinetic light installation made for the newly-completed Cooler Master 'Maker building' in Taipei.

WHYIXD develops their 'Digital Landscaping' artistic aesthetic with a combination of the rationality of 'technology' and the sensitivity of 'art' to transform the CPU cooling fan, which is a well-known product of Cooler Master, as a symbol to deepen the brand's spirit of technology craftsmanship, makers community, and innovative transformation, embodied in an ever-changing, constantly recurring art installation.

Cooler Master has an ever-growing community culture, ranging from Discord to Reddit, with 'community management' and 'crowd connection', becoming a special technology brand that focuses on 'cultural community'. 'Make it yours' stands for Cooler Master's maker spirit, allowing every consumer to design their own personalized PC case. The message conveys an era spirit that everyone can bravely choose anything they want and be free to be themselves.

The installation consists of 177 mechanical flowers which are the symbol of 'creation' and 'renewal'. The flowers will have different forms according to people's participation and collective creation, while flowers and humans break through the limit of time and space, developing a huge and ever-growing organism.

The individual imagination and spiritual evolution of the flowers gave birth to a unique and diverse dual meaning: it not only responds to the 'Make it yours' spirit of Cooler Master but also highlights the brand's culture of centering on "humans".

Cooler Master具有蓬勃發展的社群文化,舉凡Discord、Reddit等,透過「社群經營」與「群眾連結」,壯大為以「文化社群」導向的科技品牌。“Make it yours” 宣示 Cooler Master 的創客精神,讓每位消費者都能自行設計、拼裝出專屬個人性格的PC機殼,不僅如此,它更是在傳遞每個人可以勇於選擇、自由做自己的一種時代精神。

這座藝術裝置集合了177朵象徵「開創」與「新生」的機械花,花叢會根據人的參與及共創顯現不同的樣態,花與人進而突破時空的限制,產生連結與互動,共同盛放為龐大且持續成長的有機體。一朵朵花由個人的想像與精神演化而成,賦予作品獨特且多元的雙重意義:不僅回應 Cooler Master  'Make it yours' 的創客精神,也突顯出品牌以「人」作為核心的文化。



《風盛 Cyclonic Bloom》是何理互動為全新落成的 Cooler Master 創客大樓量身打造的形象裝置。

何理以其擅長的「電子造景」創作手法,融合「科技」的理性與「藝術」的感性,將 Cooler Master 為人熟知的「散熱風扇」作為意象發展,深化品牌涵納科技工藝、創客社群、創新變革的精神,體現在一座不斷創造改變、持續循環流動的藝術裝置中。

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