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Implicit geometry


 Taipei , Taiwan




Metal, Motor


4.3 (m) x 4.3 (m) x 9 (m)

Dancing Performance

Billy Chang
( Patron by TMC )

Film production

Liu Che Chun


Yu-Chen, Chao

Live Music

Sheng Fei Lu & Kay Huang

Costume of Dance Artist




Implicit geometry is a public art installation at the Taipei Music Center Cultural Cube. In the exhibition space with music as the main theme, the development context of Taiwanese pop music is presented through a 'themed exhibition', and various pop music cultures are promoted at the same time.


Implicit geometry uses the dual stimulation and interaction of 'vision' and 'hearing' to expand people's perceptions and patterns of music appreciation, echoing the venue's focus on pop music, and combining multi-faceted cross-disciplinary methods such as pop culture and art to deepen the influence and possibility of pop music, in the hope to strengthen people's emotion connection toward music and art.

Implicit geometry  takes the 'staves' in music notation as its creative idea, and explores the connection between audio-visual sympathy through the expression and transformation approaches of 'music visualization'.


The staff is the common language of music. Various geometric symbols on the music sheet occupy the gaps between the lines, or mark the positions on the horizontal lines. The symbols that record the sound create music with the progression of time, pouring out into a fluid building that accommodates the vibrations of the sound and the delightful melody, so that indescribable visual images emerge in the mind.

The installation consists of five giant rings. Through an "algorithm" that automatically analyzes the music through, it encodes the amplitude and frequency of the song, and transforms it into a dynamic presentation in the rings.


With the music being played, the five floating rings are synchronously combined and arranged into several geometric images, so that the music, whose main communication medium is "sound waves", can also be viewed with the naked eye to interpret the indescribable imagery of the music.


Hearing projects visual imagination and feeling, so that in the rhythm that comes to pass every single second, it is internalized into a personal perceptual experience, prolonging the memory that cannot be extended.

《內隱幾何 Implicit geometry》以紀錄樂曲的「五線譜」為創作發想,透過「音樂視覺化」的表現手法與轉換方式,探討視聽共感的連結關係。五線譜為音樂的共同語言,圖譜上各種幾何符號佔據線與線之間的縫隙,或在橫線上標記位置,紀錄聲音的符號隨時間的推移製造出樂曲,傾瀉為一座流動的建築,容納聲響的震動與悅耳的旋律,在腦海中現形無法言說的視覺畫面。



《內隱幾何 Implicit geometry》為「臺北流行音樂中心」文化館公共藝術裝置,場域是以音樂為主軸的展覽空間,透過「主題策展」呈現臺灣流行音樂的發展脈絡,同時推廣各種流行音樂文化。


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