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Perpetual Phases


Private space


Giant Group Headquarters

@ Taichung , Taiwan




Mixed Media


4(m) x1.8(m) x 4(m)


Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


Chih-hua Chiu

Film production

Chih-hua Chiu



Nature has shown the phases of the moon, the shifts of constellations, the rise and fall of each sunshine in the cycle of life and deaths to teach us the meaning of eternity.

However, in the imagination that transverse time, humanity transformed torches into lights, stones into machines through a plethora of creative resistance and trials that extend beyond flesh and spirit to devote, pursue, and challenge the definition of eternity.
Perpetual Phases, taking “bicycle” as its inspiration, embody the exquisite craftsmanship, riding experience, and cultural significance through an infinite state machine: an eternally rotational kinetic installation.
Composed of 30 metal rings, the installation mirrors the “double pendulums” oscillation with random and unpredictable amplitude and speed. The position of each circular ring changes freely and is beyond prediction; each swing is a new beginning.

In repeated random movements, the rings intersect and rotate, generating changes in light and darkness.
The work showcases rapid renewal and continuous displacement in its cycle, projecting the ephemeral eternity. The ever-changing, randomly interlaced scenes recreate every ride; each image is a new encounter, welcoming the boundless cycle and possibilities.
Perpetual Phases is the brand installation for the global operating headquarters of Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd. As the world's leading bicycle manufacturer, the company's professional manufacturing capability integrates bicycle design, technology research and development, and brand sales to create an irreplaceable bicycle culture. Perpetual Phases epitomizes the beauty of movement in bike riding.

By deriving new interpretations from technology and aesthetics, the integrated art reconstructs the bicycle parts through physical and metaphorical means. In each precise connection, the ultimate perfection in the mechanism gave birth to eternal beauty and possibility, echoing Giant's core spirit and vision.


《永恆之曜 Perpetual Phases 》以「自行車」作為創作發想,將自行車展現的精緻工藝、騎乘感受,甚至是它代表的文化意義,體現在一座永恆運轉的機械動力裝置中。裝置由30個金屬圓環組合而成,參照「混沌擺 (double pendulums)」的物理運動現象,以隨機且不可預期的運動狀態,模擬機械動力的擺動幅度與速度:片環的位置自由變化而無法預測,每次作動的瞬間都是一次新的開始。


《永恆之曜 》為「巨大集團 Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.」全球營運總部的形象裝置。巨大集團為全球自行車龍頭,以專業的生產製造能力為基礎,整合涵蓋車體設計、技術研發、品牌銷售等環節,創造出無可取代的自行車文化。

《永恆之曜 》轉化自行車運轉的流動之美,將自行車融合科技與美學的特質衍生出新的意義,傳遞自行車重重組構細節中所蘊含的「整合的藝術」:在每個精準連結裡,造就極致的完美,孕育永恆的美與可能,呼應「巨大集團」的核心精神與願景。

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