Spectrum Light :

City Butterfly


Songshan Cultural and Creative Park @ Taipei, Taiwan




Mixed Media


4.8(m) x 2.4(m) x 1.5(m)


Golden Pin Design Award ceremony


The current event “Golden Pin Design Award” focuses on the issue of cycle and sustainability. To response to the topic: “Nature knows”, we chose the recycled Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF) as the material for the installation. BEF is mainly used in manufacturing LCD panels.
With its special prism structure on the surface, it enables light to refract straightly toward the center, effectively increase the bright level of LCD panel and dramatically decrease the cost of energy.
We make BEF reborn into flying butterflies, flapping its wings shuttling in the sustainable city also made of BEF. The optical character of the films can generate a dazzling iridescence, transforming the recycled materials into a unique artwork. Those flapping wings are like an energy of cycle and sustainability, finding the solutions between the rainbow light.
此次「金點獎」聚焦於「循環永續」的探討,為了呼應此次的主題:「自然知道」,延續Xland的作品系列,我們選用了回收材質──增亮膜,作為主要的創作媒材。增亮膜主要應用於LCD面板中,透過其表面特殊的稜鏡結構,使各方向的光線向中心視角集中,能有效提升LCD 面板的亮度,大幅度節省能源的耗損。