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Taipei City, Taiwan




Mixed Media


#1 38.3(m) x 56.5(m) x 59.5(m)

#2 22.3(m) x 30.2(m) x 50.8(m)


Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Film production

Liu Che Chun , Zhu Min Xiu


Stream, which uses gathering and spreading as its creative concepts to turn the image of water into a lighting device, combines with the surrounding landscape to create a new landmark.
This public art considers the area's history to spark urban spatial memories. It incorporates two electronic landscaping devices developed with the image of water, putting a modern spin on water that had once flowed through the area. Bringing water back into people’s everyday lives is expected to both assemble and spread these historic meanings to a wider audience.
The installation's lighting is timed to change with the sunset. In daytime, the focus is on the structure and landscape. At night, the lighting is dynamically arranged to present a wide range of colors and rich dynamic content.

Even more impressively, at the top of each hour the lights are coordinated with music to produce a stunning performance. Visitors can also scan an IC card with RFID chip (such as an EasyCard or iPASS) to interact with the artwork and add to the fun.

South Library
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