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​Tender Soul of Ocean




7.2 (m) x 4.8 (m) x 3.45 (m)




Soft filament LED, Metal, Acrylic

Structural Engineering

Xiang Yu Co. Ltd.

Soft filament LED

Liquigleds Lighting corp.

Film production

Lane 216, East


Yuchen Chao Photography



“In the multitude of folds, in the pulses of whispers, broken then united.
Everything begins here.”

Near the north coast's border, the calm and moist air runs over the city and fills the streets with the scent of the sea. The salty, warm breeze tingles every inch of the people's skin: it's a symbol, a message, an engraved token of the ocean.

The ocean is the epitome of mystery and paradox for people: powerful yet gentle, beautiful yet deadly. Its glamour allures men for ages to plunge into the dark blue in the hope of discovery.

The ocean's messages – the soft and recurrent hum – convey a profound yet detached sense of tranquility that symbolizes the resonance between the sea and people.

Staring at each other as if we speak the same language, the ocean and people share consciousness and perception.

Tender Soul of Ocean
 is an exploration of the 'distance between people and the sea', translating the maritime culture of its installation site: Keelung.
The art installation uses light to recreate the collected wind data near the local harbor and waters: the awe-inspiring water in the distance melts in the wind and shimmering waves of light.
Audiences can immerse themselves in the waves of 'light'. With a special medium, Soft Filament LED, the light beams to all angles, allowing its viewer to dive into the light tide as if they were part of the waves.

The light and shades, visualizing the state of air in subtle changes, will adjust according to the wind strength in real-time. The connection between wind, ocean, and light evokes a hidden memory of intimacy between the viewers and the sea. The art brought people closers to the dark blue mystery in a new light, revealing its profound, lively soul.





《海境 Tender Soul of Ocean》以探討「人與海的距離」作為出發,轉譯設置地「基隆」的海洋文化。裝置擷取局部基隆港邊海域的風力資訊,透過「光」作為載體,同步重現於作品中:遠方那令人敬畏的水體,消融在風的吹拂及粼粼的波光流變中。



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