X land


collective space


QCC Art Gallery @ New York, United States.




Asian Modern View: X land


7(m) x 3(m) x 0.6(m)


LED. BEF, Motor, Acrylic, Steel


“The newborn island lying in the ocean. A trace that has been forgotten.”
The topic of this work is assigned as “extreme”, it describes the powerful energy which is hidden in the island. The inhabitant of the island is like the flying butterflies flapping wings, assembling the fragmentary breeze, brewing a larger storm.
The overall design is mainly made with high transparency material, reappearing the intimate relationship between “island” and “the ocean”. The island appears a “鯤(kun)” wearing a green veil on its head, roaming through the oceans with all kinds of living beings. The audience feels like surrounded by the ocean tides, walking through the pulse of water ripple. In the flowing water reflection, the viewer can gaze on their silhouette vanishing into the ocean wave, wandering through the affectionate embrace of the ocean.

This is the special feature of an island ---- With “extreme” power, generating the characteristic of “inclusiveness” --- Also, this is always its most charming spirit, the devoutest tenderness. “Flapping butterfly wings in the breeze, Roaming “鯤(kun)” in the ocean at ease. ”

※鯤(kun) – legendary giant fish that cloud fly and transform into a giant bird.